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Oxygen Club (Fitness Centers)
(regarding baselines)Q: can you have decnet back and forth conversations with him on subjects that are not high interest? A: Most of the time I think we can, but he's a bit hard to understand sometimes, even for me, the momma. He doesn't like to have long conversations, he's just too darn busy.Q:Does he relate to you emotionally (positive and negative) or just knowledge based interactions? A: Oh my, yes, he can be VERY emotional. Sometimes with no known (to me) triggers. If he seems to be feeling good, he's affectionate and mellow. If he's tired, hungry, not getting his way, or has had corn or gluten, he's a nightmare. Tantrums, slamming his head on the floor, screaming, throwing himself on the floor. He responds okay to some sensory integration techniques, mostly just bear hugs when he's wild: helps calm down the hyperventilation and mellows him out.Q:Does he use his own sentences all the time or does he script? (Like using phrases from a cartoon in the right context in other everyday situations…) A: He does both. I notice that he scripts when he tries to talk on the phone (and mostly babbles, not much real intelligible talking when conversing with grandma or auntie), but if he wants something (food, drink, ANOTHER apple) he's pretty clear and can ask me directly.Q:Does he have OCD like tendencies or strong preferences to colors, toys, etc? A: Loves anything with wheels, mostly cars or trains. Lies on the floor to watch the wheels turn, or clears off shelves and table tops so he can look at the wheels turn.Q:Does he interact with other children appropriately? Or is he the little boy playing in the sand by himself when the other little boys are doing parallel play with their cars? A: It's hard to say. He plays okay with his siblings, of course they fight over toys occasionally, but I don't see him with other kids much. I'm home with my littles, and being pregnant makes it hard to drag everybody to the park. He goes willingly to the nursery at church, loves to play with the toys, refuses to sit with other kids for story time, but is RIGHT THERE for snack time.Stuff I've noticed lately: he has a hard time in big grocery stores, and big box stores like Target and WalMart. We get in there and he just has a melt down, but can't tell me why and I can't get him calmed down.We're scheduled for the allergist today, yesterday I got a book on celiac, and I'm going to talk to my MD about a referral to a peds GI doc. Of course at this point we're still just trying to rule out treatable' conditions, but there is still this little nagging thing at the back of my brain, know what I mean? In the times when he's clear of corn/gluten/colors/chemicals, he's present and my sweet little boy. When he's had any of the above, he turns almost demonic and I don't know what to do.It's like I told my nurse: none of his symptoms scream' any one condition, at least not from what I've read. But what else do I read? Where else do I go and what do I look at? I KNOW something isn't right, I just can't tell what it is. When he doesn't feel good, he switches off somehow, where my other two kids come to me for comfort. I don't get it.And I am really starting to HATE insurance companies.

Oxygen Club

Oxygen Club
Str. Andrei Barseanu, nr. 6
Tel.: 0720.04.48.67
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Pentru performanta masculina iesita din comun, foloseste crema Titan Gel.
Bucurestiul, un oras mult mai sigur, de cand este securizat cu sisteme de supraveghere.

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